Friday, 10 March 2017

Work day, March 26th 2017

The next workday will be on: March 26th 2017
Time: 10 a.m. to 12 noon
Meeting Place:  the old reservoir carpark 
                       (off Rhydypenau Rd - next to no. 127)
A variety of tasks will be available, suitable for all abilities.
Why not come and join us ?

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Friends plant bulbs too - March 2nd 2017

A small group of Friends (Cathy, Chris, Jane and Rhian) joined Kevin and Michelle to plant two areas. The entrance next to Cardiff High school is boggy and is well suited to grow the Snakes Head Fritillary bulbs that were planted. We also put 4 honeysuckle plants and garlic plants in the area.
Another group planted bluebells and snowdrops near to to entrance from Heol Esgyn.

We were also able to erect a couple of Bee Hotels (supplied by Buglife). We have plans to erect the others on a workday in the near future.

Bulb planting by Ton yr Ywen school - March 3rd 2017

Ton yr Ywen school joined the Friends to plant bulbs at the Ewenny Rd end of Rhydypenau Park. The weather forecast was poor but this didn't deter this hardy group!

We planted 100 bluebells, 150 snowdrops and 150 garlic plants which will hopefully bloom next year.
y6 bluebell planters
Another school were unable to join us and Ton yr Ywen came to the rescue (again!). The enthusiastic group moved down to Rhydypenau Woods.

In one of the clearings we planted another 100 garlic and 100 snowdrop bulbs, and groups worked with adults to plant foxgloves and wood anemones.
Thank you again to Michelle (Buglife) and Kevin for supporting this venture. But also a big thank you to the pupils who could not be faulted!

Bulb planting by Coed Glas school - March 2nd 2017

The Friends were joined by pupils from Coed Glas school to plant bulbs supplied by Buglife (thank you again Michelle!).
We planted 150 Garlic and 150 Snowdrop bulbs at the entrances to Nant Fawr on both sides of Rhydypenau Rd. The bulbs are "in the green" and we shall be looking out for them next Spring.

Many thanks to the staff of Coed Glas school and their enthusiastic pupils, and to Kevin, our long suffering Ranger